Fields of the Nephilim, Roadburn

Heiner Bach

Concert and Festival Photography


my name is Heiner Bach, and i'm a non-commercial photographer.

In real live i'm an IT professional, but on weekends i transform into a festival and concert photo maniac, combining my love for music and photography.

Since 2013 i'm a proud member of the wikipedia Festivalsommer project, which has given me the opportunity to get accreditations for music events. Lots of bands on Wikipedia lack good pictures - our mission is to change that.

All images in the "Music" section of this website are are also published on wikimedia under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, which means (in very brief words) that you are free to download and use them as you like, as long as you give the creator (me) proper credit.

But just to be sure, please drop me a note if you're planning to use any of my pictures other than private.

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